Paquete libros bilingües


Paquete libros bilingües

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Heritage Language books are great for Spanish and English readers. A cross between a reader and a chapter book, these adorably illustrated books have two versions of the story on opposing pages, English on the left and Spanish on the right. By having them on separate pages, kids can read in any one language without unnatural interruptions and easily figure out new vocabulary and grammar constructs by referencing the translation on the adjacent page.

These books are rich in cultural elements, traditions and family values. To make them even more valuable, each one was written to facilitate the practice of a specific grammar topic.

Develop a native-like accent

Each book comes with an audio QR code with two readings of the story in each language: one at a natural pace and another one at a slower pace to make it easier for kids to follow along. These readings are a great aid for developing a native-like accent and getting a feel for rhythm and intonation.

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Autor: Adriana Pacheco
Editorial: Heritage Language
Formato: 18.5 x 24 cm.

Páginas: 30

Pasta: Dura

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